Curriculum Vitae

Profession: Dipl. Min., research, teaching. Consultant and project-manager for Research Vessels
Year of Birth 1938
Nationality German
1969 – 1975 Research and Teaching in crystallography and X-ray analysis at University of Hamburg. Member of University-Senat. Publications.
1975 – 1981 Head of Planning of the University of Bremen. Introduction of new disciplines Information Science, Production Technology and Marine Geosciences. Scientific cruises on VALDIVIA, VICTOR HENSEN and SONNE. X-ray phase analysis on manganese crusts in mid-Pacific. Publications.
1981 – 1987 Scientific co-ordinator for new-building of research vessel SAGAR KANYA for Department of Ocean Development (India).

In a contract with the Department of Ocean Development organised cruise to India, various cruises in Indian Ocean and scientific co-ordination of repairs, purchasing and maintenance.

Scientific co-ordinator for new-building of research vessel METEOR. Continuation of manganese crust cruises. Publications.
1987 - 2006 Scientific co-ordination for new-building of survey and research vessels ATAIR (1987), WEGA (1990) and KOMET (1998) for the German Hydrographic Institute, various cruises.

Scientific consultant for Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (India), Rauma Repola (Finland) and Thyssen Nordseewerke (FRG) on research vessels.

Scientific coordination of newbuilding of research vessel SAGARDHWANI for NPOL at Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers in Calcutta (1990 - 1994).

Research, design and seatrials of special solutions for Luerssen shipyard in the project Minenabwehr 2000 (1992 - 1996).

Project manager of newbuilding survey vessel PERANTAU for Royal Malaysian Navy at Hong Leong Lürssen Shipyard in Penang, Malaysia (1995 - 1998).

Project manager of newbuilding icebreaking research vessel MARIA S.MERIAN for ministry of research, Germany (2003 - 2007).

Numerous projects on research vessels for Germany, Taiwan, Russia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Oman, Saudi-Arabia, U.K., Ireland and Venezuela.

Seismic work on SAGAR KANYA (India), KAPITAN SOROKIN (USSR), METEOR (Germany) and SONNE (Germany). Recent seismic vessel projects in Turkey (MTA) and Pakistan (NIO,Karachi).

Expertises on Kort-Jet (ATAIR),(1994). Demand for Research Vessels (with WHOI),(1991), Marine Current Energy Systems (with Plambeck) and Variable Depth Sonar (with Lürssen).

Co-founder of GEOMAR Technologie GmbH in Kiel.

Maritime Technology award of K.E.R.N (2003).
2006 - today

Development of a system for transfer of cruising vessels from Meyerwerft  to the Northsea together with Hydro-Support.  Since than 18 transfers. (2006 - 2019)

Extension of 2. upper deck on MARIA S. MERIAN in cooperation with Kaefer Schiffsausbau GmbH at Emden shipyard TNSW. Building two new cabins in the rear of the deck and above forecastle weather deck. Project management of design, production, installation and all related work. (2008)

Coordination and supervision of annual shipyard call of MARIA S. MERIAN in Emden and Las Palmas. (2006, 2009, 2011)

Design, production and delivery of 1 side J- frame starboard (2007) and one side A-frame port (2009) for RV ISLANDIA c. o. INDP, Cabo Verde in cooperation with IfM, Kiel.

Preparation of newbuilding offer SONNE in cooperation with Briese Schiffahrts GmbH and Peene shipyard (2009).

Building and installing a space for 3 SAUER compressors of 750 Nm³/h at
200 bars for seismic airguns on MARIA S. MERIAN. Project management of design, production, installation and supply of electrical power and cooling water by vessel. Presentation in sea trials. (2010)

Preparation of newbuilding offer of seismic vessel for MTA (National Research and Exploration of Turkey) with elkon (Imtech Marine) in Istanbul. Specification and calculation of scientific / seismic systems. (2011)

Investigation and delivery of report on the refit on the status, refit, costs and management models for RV ISLANDIA. (2012)

Update of technical documentation for MARIA S. MERIAN. (since 2009)

Supervision of the construction of the newbuilding of a fishery research vessel for the Ministry of fisheries in Angola. Building shipyard Damen in Vlissingen ( Netherlands) and Galati ( Romania). 
( Contract in 2016, Launching in November 2017, and voyage from Galati to Luanda in November/December 2018 ).

Cooperation with and for Luerssen shipyard in Vegesack on scientific equipment and operations of naval vessels in a classified project ( Oct.2019- Apr.2020 ).

Experience Deck Layout and laboratory design, noise and underwater noise, pollution, hydrodynamics, scientific/fishing equipment and installations.
Navigation equipment: integration, interfacing, EMC and optimizing of positioning and echosounding equipment.
Troubleshooting. Organisation of model tank tests (including icebreaking), setting to operation, factory-/, onboard-/ and seatrials and acceptances.
Languages German, English and French