Welcome to Research Vessels

Working for the last 40 years in research vessel building we are filling in the gap between the scientific requirements and the technical and commercial frame, in which a shipyard is operating. We offer

consultancy for

  • newbuilding research vessels, ranging from analysis of requirements to technical specifications, from equipment specification to purchases, from design guidance to construction supervision, from acceptance procedures to warranty details.
  • conversion of second hand vessels into research vessels
  • technical specification for tenders or offers
  • specification of scientific equipment

project management for

  • complete ships from draft through tender, offer, design, construction, acceptance and trials to warranty
  • systems like sampling and measuring seaborne systems, deck handling devices, navigation systems, echosounder systems
  • equipment related (in particular scientific) analysis of requirement, specification, purchasing, installation, acceptance/seatrials and warranty

special solutions, in particular

  • echosounders
  1. air bubbles below the ship at echosounder transducer positions
  2. interferences of echosounders of various frequences and other hydroacoustic equipment
  3. noise: analysis of shipborne noise, noise reducing measures, echosounder thresholds, agreement with given self noise level and target sound level
  • navigation instrumentation and data management systems
  1. interfaces: in particular troubleshooting, EMC-problems, system incompatibilities
  2. accuracy: optimizing systems, positions and survey of antennas and sensors system analysis
  3. special surveys to analyse instrument performance and check remedies
  • handling equipment
  1. winches: spooling, wire/cable change, power requirements, mechanical design/foundation
  2. lifting gear: load distribution, pendulum problems, coupling of seaborne equipment
  3. core handling: establishing and streamling the operation sequence
  4. heave compensation: system analysis and measures of remedy

The company is situated in the north-German state Schleswig-Holstein, close to the middle of Kiel-canal

The owner´s CV ist available here